Troh Bu eco-tourism garden and the idea of wild orchid reserve

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Troh Bu eco-tourism garden and the idea of wild orchid reserve

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VietNamNet Bridge – There is a wonderful wild orchid garden in the Central Highlands, where hundreds of wild orchid species are living. It is called Troh Bu.


One just needs to travel 12 kilometers on Nguyen Thi Dinh Road from Buon Ma Thuot City center to get Troh Bu Park in Nieng Hamlet, Ea Nuoi commune of Buon Don district in Dak Lak province, the original wild orchid garden, the destination for orchid lovers.

The area where Troh Bu is located was a deserted land with devastated forests. However, a person, who loves the forests and the Central Highlands, has spent 20 years in his life to revive it, making it beautiful and charming again.

Troh Bu now in the eyes of tourists, is a landscaped garden with walking paths bendy along the slopes and lake sides. Especially, there is a rich collection of plants, flowers, and wild orchids.

The owner of the garden, Do Tuan Hung, said with the total area of 2 hectares, comprising of lakes and forests, and the “hybrid” climate of the dipterocarp forest, Troh Bu is a wonderful place for wild orchids to grow.

Hung, with the strong passion for orchids, called the “regal flower”, has been going to the forests to look for more precious orchid species, growing in the garden to makes the life more beautiful.

The visitors to Troh Bu, who are attracted by the hundreds of wild orchid species, call Troh Bu the “wild orchid museum”, or “wild orchid reserve.”

According to Hung, there are some 200 orchid species now in the garden, including the precious species of the Central Highlands, such as nghinh xuan, thuy tien trang, que lan huong. Especially, there are giang huong (Pterocarpus macrocarpus) orchids, the symbol of Buon Don Forests.

Through the misery of 20 years long of rehabilitating the natural forests, orchids now can be grown through the seed regeneration, again.

Since orchids are called the “regal flowers,” they tend to be very choosy about the habitat. According to Hung, of the thousands of sprouted plants, only several plants can exist. Therefore, Troh Bu has always been put under a strict protection to facilitate the orchid natural reproduction and population development.

Hung wishes that one day, there would be 500 precious wild orchid species in his garden, like the garden of King Tran Anh Tong mentioned in history.

By that time, Troh Bu garden would become a famous eco-tourism site, while the orchid reserve would be a favorite rendezvous for orchid lovers and serves the excursion and research.

As for Vietnamese orchid lovers, a natural reserve of wild orchids, to date, remains a far away dream.

The dream of developing a wild orchid reserve has been applauded by scientists, who say that the reserve not only would help people learn more about Vietnamese orchid species, but also play a very important role in the genetic resources protection and help make Buon Ma Thuot more attractive in the eyes of tourists.

“Troh Bu will be an open garden welcoming people from all over the world, not only for the family use,” Hung said.




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